Wednesday, April 29, 2009

4/28/09 Epic Fussy Bebeh Day #1, a bath, and a magic pill

Oooh did we have a doozy of a day today with the Bebeh. I was at work, and by the time that I got home the Mama was a bit harried looking, and the bebeh was pretty inconsolable when awake and not nursing. She did nap, but in fits and starts, and she did eat, but also in fits and starts. And she did a lot, a whole lot, of crying.

We both were worried she was going into some Colic phase or something. Pretty terrifying proposition, to be honest. Anyone who has dealt with a Colicy baby needs to have an automatic sainthood registered for them. Intense.

So, although we could kind of console the bebeh, I called the BBDR. She suggested a bath, for starters. She also said that little Vivian was at a bit of a disadvantage, because she had the gut of a 7lb. youngster, but the body of a 10lb bruiser to feed with that immature little gut.

Also, that you just get "rainy day bebeh" days. They just happen, and don't get alarmed about them.

So we bathed, and we used a homeopathic remedy
to help her with her gas, and things went smashingly. More info below:

Boy oh boy was Vivian not pleased with the world this day. She wore her mama out with crying.

I am assured that this is about the ONLY moment that the bebeh cried in the bath the whole time. She apparently loved the bath itself, but not the transition out of it. Boy, look at that SQUALL -- awesome.

So the bath was a prescription of the BBDR, and it certainly did mellow the kiddo out from her day of crying. The other magic pill was a homeopathic called Cocyntal. It helps babies expel gas and soothes their cramps as well. It gets a HUGE thumbs up from us, the Bebeh calmed right down -- and farted like a linebacker, to boot.

All's well that ends well,



ariel said...

it truly is a wonder potion! jesse and I should have purchased stock in the stuff for how much we used with Avi.
a word of advise, have some chamomillia handy for when the teething starts.

Bpaul said...

Duly noted Ms. Ariel. Thanks for stopping by.

I'm continually amazed that anyone but grandmas and grandpas swings by this blog.



Girl in Red Shoes said...

Hi guys. I know this is a weird question, but could you measure the circumference of Viv's head for me? It may absolutely not have to do with a hat that will not be coming your way!


Bpaul said...

Fi, sorry i keep forgetting to do that. When she was first born it was 38 cm. Will be more now.

I'll get back to you. I may have the BBDR do it on Thursday's appt.