Thursday, May 7, 2009

First visit to work

The bebah and I took a little jaunt yesterday afternoon to check in and see if work was still standing after the epic tax season. Folks seemed in good spirits and none the worse for the wear. Several folks at work hadn't met Miss Viv yet, so it was cute to see her OUT and about in the environment she had been in for almost a year.

Here's Eric holding the bebah...he's got skillz with 2 girls of his own (both now in college). Bebah holding skill never gets rusty.

Pam got an early start with trying to teach Viv how to work the ten-key...perhaps to help make up for the last 2 weeks of tax season I missed due to her arrival? Apparently Viv is about as excited about it as most normal asleep.

All and all, a successful voyage out into the work a day world. I'll actually be DOING some work next week, as I need to get caught up on some client bookkeeping that is woefully behind. I'm not sure that Viv wants to actually stay at work for a while but since she's still sleeping so much I might strap her on in the Moby and rock some bank reconciliations. You never know with us wily accountant mamas! Her current opinion of work is a bit undecided...what do you think?

And next week also for tells the beginning of studying for the dreaded tests again. Better try and keep my brain somewhat in the accounting realm or I'm libel to just float away in the baby bubble and wind up in retail! GAH!

We're off to see the lovely and talented BBdr (Dr. Sara) today for a little check up. Truth be told, we are having a terrible time weaning ourselves off of the frequent visits to her and are just going in to shoot the shit (and hold the baby). Perhaps a bit more baby Craniosacral, since Viv likes that so much. And we're going to see if there is anything to be done about the snorty, smacky warthog the child becomes when feeding or sleeping. I suspect no, but it never hurts to ask and it's a great excuse to love on the BBdr!

We'll get to posting more of the visit from Grandma Shirley who was here this week. Fun times had by all as the parade of Grands begins! Wardman is next on the 17th of May. Viv has many a project for him to tinker with! Now that I have figured out how to freaking download pictures from the camera we'll get with more posting. BP's been doing Playwrite this last 2 weeks and he's a bit behind. I'll help take up some slack!

Hope all is well with the far flung family and friends out there!

Katye and Viv


Anonymous said...

Great photos - such friends! Little traveler Vivi seems to be racking in as many new faces as Mark Twain did as a travel writer! hummm, nice. Mellow babe with an attitude: perfect! good luck with the dr visit, love all, va momma

Catherine Just said...

total cuteness