Thursday, April 9, 2009

Update from the Day After

Vivian looks a little bit less like Winston Churchill today. Some of the birth puffiness has left her face and she's lost a little weight (totally normal until the milk comes in about day 3).

She's all about the eating, which she has been doing about every hour since not long after she was born. This is hard on Katye (first baby = sore nipples), but also helping her out since nursing prompts the uterus to contract after birth (which, in turn, staunches bleeding from the loss of the placenta -- nature is amazing).

I just realized how specific and geeky that last sentence was. I'm sorry, I'm a biology geek so there will be some specifics thrown in here that may be a bit too "up close and personal" for some folks. Hope it's not too bad.

Anyway, everyone is healthy and good. The BBDR came by for the day one checkup, and all is well.

I've used a Moby Wrap Baby Carrier
for the first time today, and holy hell, thumbs up. What a relief for my back, and yet the baby was still very content up against my body and easy to woo to sleep. It turns out I have the Daddy Sleep Magic that we've seen evidenced in The Good Reverend up North as well as Uncle Terry down South. I can get that girl calmed down and snoozing in no time -- woohoo!

Ok, the cats need to be fed and they're bugging Katye who is already feeding something. I have to go.

Thanks for all the kind thoughts, notes, and gifts. We really appreciate all the love and support,



Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the updates, they're so helpful--love love love to all of you -- you're doing grand! mom and john

Just Jules said...

Thank you for more photos...she is just beautiful! What a big girl she is. Nolan was bummed to hear that not only is he no longer the baby of the family, he also lost the "King of Babies" title by 3 oz! Keep the posts coming as often as time permits. One last bit of can NEVER have too many photos of them when they are babies! And video.

Tonya Clark said...

Make sure she has some Lanisoh for her nipples - it really helps! When the milk comes in frozen cabbage leafs do wonders in helping ease the discomfort.

Bpaul said...

Juliebulie, I never knew you had a bruiser that big! That's Landis material, what the hell :-)

Tonya, Katye's using it like crazy and finding it enormously helpful.

Catherine Just said...


thinking of you guys and wondering how you are all doing. Thanks for the updates. We check here often.
Max is preparing for a tennis match with Vivian whenever she's ready....

Kate said...

ahhh, shes gorgeous! =)

Anonymous said...

I don't know how fitting this is or isn't but I am sooooo proud of you two.
Katye from the group photo you look like the champ I have come to know you to be.

gushy gushy gooo
I love you two!

-Sarah Jane

Anonymous said...

make that three....


Alison said...

Please don't say that's Landis material! I'm nervous hearing about all these big babies. And for the specifics, I'm all about them these days!

I'm so excited for you guys. Vivian looks great!!