Friday, April 10, 2009

Photo dump for April 10

I'm working on keeping photos coming in these first few days especially, because she's changing so much. But I guess, when I think about it, she's going to be changing fast for the next 20 years or so.

Oh well, I'm still working on getting lots of pictures out as I can.

There's one down there with me and the Moby Wrap Baby Carrier on cry duty.

She's been going on some crying jags, to which I respond with donning the sling and bouncing and "shush-ing" her around the house so Katye can sleep. I've found that if I'm in the canning pantry, no one else in the house can hear her crying -- even Katye in the guest room downstairs. There's an image for ya -- me bouncing around all night in the canning pantry with a crying kiddo.

She only cries for at most 45 minutes or so before she falls asleep, but it did happen 3 (more?) times yesterday. It was a new thing, and from what we've read and heard, there is just some crying that needs to happen for a plethora of reasons. I don't get too worked up about it, but it hits the Mama alarms pretty hard, making sleep difficult if I'm within hearing range of Katye. Thus, pantry duty.

We had a visitor today, The Luddite came calling this morning and got to meet Ms. Vivian.

The other photos are of crashed-out parents with the kiddo. If only we looked as good as she does.

She's been opening her eyes and looking around a bit. When I get a good photo of that I'll post it too.

Enjoy keeping up with Ms. Vivian,



Rachael said...

I have been watching you guys these past couple of days and am just so glad everything is working out well. Continue taking care of each other and you will do great!

Kathy said...

I just love all of the photos! I am resisting the urge to jump in the truck and drive in just to say Hi and meet Vivian. The time will come...glad to see you are both able to get a quick rest in here and there

Catherine Just said...

bp with little miss v. sleeping....
killing me!!!

Anonymous said...

The photos and the writing are really great--thanks so much for taking the time to do it. It means more than I can say, eat, love, rest, listen, smile when you can -- va momma

stingite said...


Love you guys.