Thursday, April 9, 2009

Team Baby -- pictures from the day of Vivian's birth

Here are a few pictures from Vivian's birthday.

The first is of Team Baby -- on the left is Anna, the student/assistant, and of course the fabulous Dr. Sara Ohgushi on the right.

I have to insert here that this wasn't an easy birth by any rubric. That's a big baby, and she had to turn before she was born. She turned at the "transition" stage of Katye's labor, which (I'm told) is hard enough as it is. The BBDR was a fantastic coach and support throughout this experience and we can't thank her enough.

I'll probably continue to gush about her as we go on, but that's why you people came here right? For overwhelmed, unedited, parental gushing?

And pictures, so lets get to those. Again, the first is of Team baby, then the other two are of Katye and I with the Bebeh each within an hour of the birth.

[remember, you can click for bigger versions of these pictures]

Enjoy untrammeled familial photography,



Anonymous said...

Beautiful-- and Hard Earned looks--on All faces here. But of course, she'd wait till the full moon (just like you did, Katye)!

wonderful days lie ahead -- rest up and celebrate! There's the Toe-Wiggling Festival, the Iddy-Biddy-Finger Tickle, get the picture. mom&john

Catherine Just said...

Glowing mama and papa
And gorgeous miss Vivian

I can't even imagine what the birth experience was like
Well I can try but then little beads of sweat start to form on my forehead and I start to breathe heavily... Good grief kt!
You really are a rock star.
What a rite of passage you all went through together.

Congratulations and I look forward to hearing more about miss V. And about the amazing experience of being her parents.

Love catherine and max who is in my arms right now at 5am.

Anonymous said...

WOW! She is adorable and so very healthy.
What a great team, cheers to them but Kayte you are the "star". Great job! You look awesome too.
Great pictures and can't wait to see more.
Auntie Tammy

Stephanie Mooers said...

You all look fantastic!! Can't wait to meet "Miss Viv" soon and spoil her rotten! I'm ready!!

Take care, rest and send out more pics!


Girl in Red Shoes said...

Oh my god! The cheeks! The cheeks! You guys look so happy, as I'm sure you are.

She's beautiful. I can't wait to show Rosy and Mal these pictures!

Anonymous said...

Dear god, how does Katye look so awesome? You guys are all gorgeous! look forward to meeting little vivian in person....


Bpaul said...

That's what the folks in our spiritual group call "spirit eyes." She's radiant because she's high as a kite, in the best way.