Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax day photos -- BBDR visit, Craniosacral for the Bebeh, and friends

Boy am I not looking forward to re-entering society. I did a little run today, for a haircut (Tate, you rock) and then to pick up tons of bebeh stuffs that Ariel and Jesse were giving to us (ya'll rock as well). It only took say 2 hours, but I was wiped when I got home.

The house is deeply in the baby bubble. It's as though all the sounds are muffled, and all the light diffuse, and all that really needs to happen is snacks, naps, and hours of baby-face-gazing as she sleeps.

Tomorrow, responsibilities take me over an hour away and out of cell phone contact. I couldn't do anything about the timing, so I asked our spiritual community if anyone was available to come and hang out at the house to help Katye out while I was gone. We got two volunteers toot-sweet and I'm feeling a little better about being gone so soon. But it still rips me up a bit.

Katye is healing up quite well, but is still needing as much bed rest as she can muster so I didn't want her to be alone. She also needs a little bit of policing to keep on the whole "bed rest" path, as she wants to be up and active. I think the two aunties coming over tomorrow are up to the task.

So -- on to the pictures.

This is midwife-assistant and Naturopathic student Anna, Wapiti the cat and The Ladies before the midwife in-house check-up.

This is the lovely and talented Dr. Sara Ohgushi doing some Craniosacral therapy with the Bebeh. Without getting too technical about it, you can think of Craniosacral as SUPER slow, SUPER soft chiropractic. I just felt thousands of alternative health practitioners cringe as I typed that, muuch too simplified a definition, but I'll stick to my guns. It's good stuff, it's gentle, and it's great for babies.

As for the check-up, Ms. Bebeh weights in at 9lbs 4oz now, gaining back an ounce a day since the milk has arrived. This is perfecto, according to the BBDR. Clean bill of health, and the cord scab got pulled so she has a little belly button now.

And here is photographic evidence of Ms. Vivian Paul Maxson Landis's feelings about Craniosacral therapy.

Here are two pictures of when I figured out I could just take pictures myself, holding the camera out. [a move mastered by Team Seiner,btw]

Neighbor from across the street Tracy, a real sweetheart.

And Uncle Tony, who was the first guest bebeh-holder to utilize the rocking chair to its full potential. The bebeh approved and zonked right out on his chest.

I'm pooped, lets all get some sleep shall we?



Catherine Just said...

haha! Bp I love the photos you took of yourself and miss v. you have a look on your face that just cracks me up. I've got some from this morning I'm going to post later today...
Plus I love the photo after her treatment.
I showed it to Max and he is in LOVE!

Rachael said...

Happy sleeping babies are THE BEST. Who does this dear child most closely resemble at this point?

Katye said...

She totally looks like Brandon. No way around it.

They even SLEEP in the same position, arms flung over head and flat on their backs. BP doesn't get to enjoy this pose often due to the snoring it creates...Viv's snoring is reassuring at this point.

Hey, when you having that BB Ms. Rachael?? I'm waiting with bated breath for your update! Make sure Zach calls us when the time comes so we can put prayers out for you!