Thursday, April 16, 2009


Or re-emergence I would describe it as...

It's amazing to me that there is this little wonder in the world and that it came through me (literally). In the days since the birth, I've been trying to remember the labor and the experience from the standpoint of it having been a ceremony and it's been more and more difficult to remember it. It's mostly like I can view the experience as an outsider looking in, but then filled with emotions. Odd but needed I guess or no one would have an second child.

The healing and recuperating goes well. I am trying to stay in bed, off my nether regions more and it has been helping. The immense amount of support for this process from friends and even neighbors has been humbling. I feel like I have lived a good life to have such amazing support come back to BP and I at this time.

Thank you to everyone who has sent little items, meals or just support in the form of holding the baby. We all appreciate it. I'm not really communicating out into the "real" world much still from the bubble of baby-land, but I can feel the two realms beginning to have fuzzy boundaries and I am sure they will soon merge and just be the one place Vivian and I am inhabiting. Soon we'll be out and about, looking at the new flowers and getting some exercise (!) in the lovely spring weather. Soon the grandparents of all flavors begin to visit and make their introductions to the newest little shortie in the hood. I'm content where I am at the moment and am looking forward to the next transition and the next and the next.

It's going to be a great spring and summer in the sun with Vivian. I look forward to any porch sitting, iced tea sipping, early evening cool breeze enjoying, craft making and ceremony having time I will have with each of you. It's amazing to think that it will all be a first for Viv!

Enjoying the ride from this side,

KT (sans Tenant)


Anonymous said...

Grand adventures await !- so good to read this and we send love love love! momma and john

Catherine Just said...

beautifully stated. I know that bubble all too well. I am still in it for the most part. I think when Jerry went back to work it forced me to get out more. When it was the three of us I couldn't imagine wanting to go anywhere for any thing. Why? Getting out more has been interesting...but ultimately I'm sure it's good for Max to see other things besides my face - like maybe a tree - or the sounds of birds! haha.
I too only remember bits and pieces of the birth. I'm glad I wrote it down right away.
You are doing great. You sound wonderful and you look blissed out or at the other end of a mitote in a good way.
nice to hear your voice here again.
Love c and Max and Jerry and pretty girllll.