Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 14, BB fashion, neighbors and uncles oh my!

Quiet day at the home front, as intended. Katye stayed in bed a good long time, though she did go out and sit at the couch with visitors for a couple hours. But the healing is accelerating in response to the increased bed-time, which is excellent.

The baby is very much into eating and sleeping. Soon after she wakes up, she wants to eat. Which, considering her size and age, is perfect.

I think I'll interpolate a bit of commentary at the pictures this time. There is quite a parade of faces going by and although I want to respect folks' need for privacy, I also want to introduce ya'll to our spirit family and neighbors.

First, the stars of the show. I just thought that was a beautiful picture of them both, and an especially fetching picture of the baby. It's hard to get a picture of her face in repose, because the camera has this little orange "pre-light" for the flash and it normally makes her scrunch up her face even if she's sleeping.

The second picture down is of some BB fashion/bling. We've begun to use the cloth diapers from the diaper service, and that allows us to use super cool diaper covers like this one. I'll probably do more shots of BB bling as we go along.

This is Uncle Tate. He's a member of our spiritual community and a dear friend of the family.

Uncle Meshi, another member of our spiritual community and local dance sensation.

Our neighbor to the North, Joella. She's mother of "Superman" -- one of the mellowest kiddos I've ever met, also known as Skylar. Who Tait has reminded us is definitely going to be 'that neighbor kid' who will be running in to raid our fridge and chase our chickens in no time. Skylar is about 1 year old now and will be a good playmate for Ms. Vivian.

A couple of great photos of Auntie Mariel. She, too, is a member of our spiritual community and came by to deliver our dinner tonight (wonderful dinner btw Mariel) and hold the baby for a while. She's a natural, just look at her.

And finally Terry, one of our neighbors to the South. His partner is Chuck, who is on the left in this picture. He's a nurse and an important source of Allopathic information for Katye and I. When we have to make the hard decisions about vaccinations, he is one of the people we are going to to get our stats right.

There we are, another good day of visitors and rest.

With the milk flowing, and Katye feeding while still in bed (as opposed to getting up and sitting in a chair to nurse) the stints of sleep are longer and longer. I think I had 5-6 hours last night, which is almost a normal day for me. I'm feeling pretty chipper.

Enjoy the support of loved ones,



Anonymous said...

It takes a village, all right...am so glad to see you've got a great one! Love that little outfit on the sleeping princess -- momma looks great! va momma

Iciyapi Tate said...

it was so fantastic to come visit, glad i am finally over that cold.
you all look great

Catherine Just said...

total cuteness