Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunday the 26th -- not as many pictures, I was gone

I was away today at a Curriculum-building day for Peace Warrior. I'll have a website for you soon, very soon, about Peace Warrior. I'll explain it then, but for now suffice it to say it's a project I'm excited to be a part of.

The Wife has been needing to eat -- a lot. She weighed in at the last BBDR appointment at the same exact weight as before the pregnancy. Ostensibly, folks all yell "GREAT." However, there are some who feel that 15 lbs. up is where a mama wants to be while she's breast feeding, to make sure there is plenty of milk and the quality is high.

Sooo, she needs to be on top of the eating thing.

Remember mention I made at one point of the limits of empathy? Yeah, well I find myself eating a lot too now. Like... teaching by example? Geez.

Although we don't have as many pictures, there are a few of The Wife -- so beauty abounds.

Ok, on to the pictures:

Katye rocking the purple robe, in the good chair, with conked-out bebeh.

Vivian often adopts this pose when she's sleeping. She either rests her hand on the side of her face or grabs her ear outright. We assume it is a prenatal habit. We melt from The Cute every time she does it and thought we'd share.

This picture just begs a caption, don't it? Sula is cracking me up.

Enjoy a lazy Sunday,



Catherine Just said...

SULA! it's alright. Pretty girl feels the same way....

Stephanie Mooers said...

That one of Viv grabbing her ear reminds me of Carol Burnett whenever she signed off her show and said "goodnight"


And Sula ... wow, that leads to several captions I can think of! haha!