Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Photos from Monday 4/27/09

A normal day in the baby bubble.

Such as:

Common scene around here, Mom with the bebeh conked out and Sula conked out as well... pineapple upside-down kitty.

Look at that face. I mean, really.

Mr. Michael was a good bebeh handler. The drum above his head looks kinda like a halo doesn't it?

It's not.

Rightio then,

almost caught up now, aren't we.



Catherine Just said...

your blog is starting to feel like ghosts of c the g's boyfriend past! sheeesh.

glad to hear you figured out the gas issue.
i have a feeling though that our baby max's gas is louder and stinkier. holy....!!

love watching vivian on all of these firsts and getting more use to being in the world.

gosh is she delightful
( typing with one finger while holding a sleeping baby with my other arm )

Katye said...

Hahaha!! It does!

I hear ya on the gas, sistah! And the typing. I'm about to give up punctuation until Viv is 3. Oh, and capitals!! curses