Sunday, April 26, 2009

Still catching up, pics from 4/25/09 Saturday

Saturday was nice and relaxing. Mr. Pitts FINALLY got to see the bebeh, he was going crazy with waiting but was too kind to come over with his virus and infect us all.

To the stills:

This is our work right now. Tough stuff I tell you.

Mike is the most baby-crazy male I know (followed closely by Big Chocolate). He's been gnawing at the bit to get over here and hold the little one. After two weeks of fending off a virus, he finally got to come over and was pleased as punch.

Ms. Viv often has a serious scowl on her face -- Mike is asking "Why so serious?" here.

And there we go, a nice, gentle Saturday lounge-about.

And, I'm caught up on blogging. I'll see ya'll on The Morrow.


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