Sunday, April 26, 2009

Playing catch up, photos from 4/24/09 Friday

Been a long and eventful weekend. Not only visitors, but a trip to a social event -- with strangers and everything!

Going straight to the stills:

Look at those snazzy diaper covers!

You ever wake up from a particularly ferocious nap and just don't know where you are, and feel like you got hit by a truck? We think that was the experience Ms. Vivian was having here.

Another picture of Ms. Vivian recovering from The Ferocious Nap of '09 (tm).

Ken is a new acquaintance and an excellent bebeh handler. Welcome here any time sir.

Our friend Kate knit this hat for the Bebeh, and she's almost already outgrown it. When it's on for a little bit more, it becomes a raiment of the Jewish faith.

Ms. Vivian at a charity auction a friend threw on Friday night. It was her first big outing that included not only a car ride, but socializing with tons of strangers/new friends. Auntie Amy was a great shore in the storm -- Ms. Viv was none too pleased when we took her away from her Amy nap to go home. None too pleased at all.

Enjoy catching up on your chores,


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