Friday, April 24, 2009

First car ride, The Luddites, and more

Yesterday was another epic day for the Bebeh. Viv took her first car ride, and we got a taste of how that goes for her.

Basically -- she doesn't like being put in the carseat. She got a good cry on -- with the shuddering "I'm really pissed off" aspect and everything -- for a while after we strapped her in. She was still fussy as we were at the first trafficky section and a few stop lights, but once we were rolling she chilled out quickly and fell asleep. I think she's going to be an easy traveler.

We also had a nice house full of visitors and we sat around, chatting and laughing and passing the Bebeh around. It was real nice.

And -- for the record (I hope Google's servers exist long enough for this blog to be a good record) I'm so happy I could just bust. I haven't mentioned that, but I am. I know life will ebb and flow, but right now I'm just pleased as punch.

I am noticing a lack of pictures of my beautiful wife lately, I will endeavor to fix that.

Here goes:

OMG it's a bebeh in a carseat! You go Viv.

The Luddites (especially Autumn) thrilled with bebehness.

Uncle Aaron's beard, and one seriously conked-out bebeh.

Aaron's hands. Something very cool about this pictures.

Ms. Leslie, back from abroad, gets her first visit in with Ms. Vivian. She's a very experienced auntie, we're lucky to have her.

Enjoy the next thing,



Anonymous said...

This is a great way for meeting all Your Family -- I'm so grateful for faces and names and of Course our sweet VIV.

Oh the joys of driving await - sometimes it's one of the few things that can put a babe to sleep when the dreaded teething all works out, love, va momma

Girl in Red Shoes said...

Let's hope she doesn't turn into a Gwynnie in the car. Screaming unstrapping herself, and try to open the door on the freeway! Cute baby, ever growing cuter!

Katye said...

My god! Yes we will endevour to teach her NOT to do those things. I seem to remember Gwyn not being quite the traveler!

Anonymous said...

I must say that with my youngest approaching six and my oldest approaching 11, the almost daily photos of the bebeh give me that "baby fix" I miss sometimes! Viv is such a cutie and sounds wonderful!


Bpaul said...

About every time I start feeling like I'm posting too much, or the photos are too repetitive, someone makes a comment like that and I calm down again LOL.

Glad you're enjoying it.


Catherine Just said...

no it's not too much. you will be SO glad you put all of these up in one place. It is hard to fathom printing them all out and putting them into an album. this is your family album. And we are lucky enough to get a glimpse.
post MORE photos! We love seeing her - it's all we have from wayyyy over here so each photo helps us get to know her. And we get to see who you hang out with too.

Bpaul said...

That's the attitude I'm taking with it -- and,

I just posted, refresh your browser please :-)