Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pictures from yesterday -- Visitors, gazing, some shoulder action

Hello all,

It looks like the format of the blog is shifting just a tiny bit. I'm going to be posting pictures from the day before. It seems to make more sense, and be happening anyway.

So, pictures from the 21st below.

Here is a nice picture of Kt and the Bebeh doing some eye gazing. Also, Kt is using one of the signiture "Brianna" moves, putting your knees up, resting baby against them, then swaying baby back and forth as you watch each other. Memerizing way to spend a few hours a day, I tell you.

Here is a good sleeping picture of Ms. Viv. Somehow, once Kt laid her down for a nap she got on her belly. Of course pediatric folks "in the know" are WARNING PEOPLE IN ALL CAPS not to have babies sleep on their bellies, but you know what -- 30 years ago folks were being told the opposite, and ONLY to sleep them on their bellies. So we figured, if the kiddo was zonked out and happy, and being monitored (which she was, by both of us) then sleep on your belly bebeh, go for it.

Here is Matt from Kt's work rockin the baby-holding. Matt is a hell of a nice guy, and someone to whom we owe a great debt for taking on a bunch of extra work, during tax season, to cover for Kt's absence due to Bebeh. The baby seemed to like him just fine, another redeeming point.

And lastly, here is the bebeh on my shoulder. We snapped a photo because of the cute face she was making, but it doesn't seem to be given any justice in this photograph. At least I'm rocking one of Grandpa's old shirts, so that's a redeeming aspect of the photo.

Enjoy squeezing one out at the last possible minute,


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Catherine Just said...

our baby seems to breathe easier on his tummy.
Yes - back in the day it was sleep on tummy and formula feeding was the best. now they've flipped it to sleeping on the back and breast feeding is the best.
Whatever works is my motto!
I only let him sleep like that on me. That way i can feel him breathing and it makes me feel more comfy about breaking the rules. Although I do love to break a rule.
She is gorgeous. And love the post bath photos.