Thursday, April 23, 2009

Keepin' on keepin' on

So these posts are now reflective. What happened yesterday -- seems like a year ago, or at least a week ago.

One thing that happened was another Bath. It seems Wednesdays are bath days for the Bebeh. Mom gets one too of course. I was so involved with the process that I didn't get pictures, yet again. I suck, I know. Plus, taking Pg pictures of the bebeh and mama in a bath is kinda hard.

Going right to the pictures:

Auntie Hanna holding the Bebeh after delivering some fine home cooking for us. Many thanks Hanna:

Ms. Vivian, with a full flash. We were experimenting using natural light today and the results were -- well Green. This picture will give some contrast to the weird color palette to come:

And.. flashless... yikes:

More flashlessness -- we're not zombies, I swear:

Flash or no, you HAD to see the Bebeh Mohawk post-bath hairdoo:

Uncle Tait with the Bebeh (apparently Tait-holding-the-baby pictures have a huge following, I am hearing through the grapevine):

Got to love the conked-out bebeh pictures:

A couple pictures of our friend Hunter holding the baby. He was so photogenic I had to post more than one:

And... I'm off to bed.