Monday, April 20, 2009

Photo dump, April 20 -- invisible mama mentor, healthy bebeh, and the men

I got back late last night from my weekend up by in the Gifford Pinchot forest, helping a friend with her (very scarily wired) cabin. It's a bit safer now, yikes. Bad wiring plus live propane lines gives one pause.

So the photos span from Friday through the weekend, through today.

It was a big weekend for a few reasons -- it was the first time I had been gone over-night since the birth, and our dear friend Brianna came down from Washington to be with the new baby and babymama. Briana is an expert at this, having 6 kids of her own, spanning from 14 years on down. I was gone most of the time, but I heard lots of comments about the new, slick holds and swaying positions, and burping positions that Tait and Katye learned while she was here. Brianna, you rock. I'm sorry to tell the blog audience that she remains unphotographed with the bebeh -- a crying shame. We endeavor to do better in the future.

Having been gone for 2 days in a row really showed me how much the Bebeh is changing, and how quickly. Her eyes aren't as dark as they were when I left, looking much more blue and much less darkbluemaybebrownishgrey like they were before.

Her face continues to change as her weight rebounds and her skull reshapes after the squoosh of birth.

And today -- she's been fussy. This is new, she had one brief jag of fussiness early on and then it went away. Generally, as long as she gets fed and held, she's good. But today, when the feeding stopped (by her own prompting), soon after she'd start fussing. We'd try to burp her, sometimes hitting pay dirt, but even then she would cry.

I'll not post the multitudes of lay speculations that Katye and I have been running as to why she's fussy, or what "symptoms" we can see as we try to figure out her signals. I will post when the BBDR gets back to us if there's anything we find out for real.

Honestly, she could just be getting her lungs on and dumping some cortisol.

Right now, the baby is sleeping next to mama and not crying, so all's well.

Now to the pictures:

Here is my Qi Gong training partner and friend Leslie holding the baby on Friday the 17th.

Here is our friend Kate, who has knit some astoundingly cute socks and caps, holding the baby on Saturday the 18th.

What's there not to love about a Bebeh with its tongue out and its beautiful mother (taken today).

Close up of Ms. Vivian for admirers to note the subtle yet persistent changes happening, also taken today.

Tait and I trying to make the experience of putting on a pull-over style onsie less onerous for little Viv (she pretty much hates the whole pull-over maneuver).

Enjoy keeping up to date,



Kate said...

sooooo glad I got to come over and meet her. She is shockingly adorable, and I think I about died when she got the hiccups. I mean, hiccups! *melts*

Bpaul said...

I swear it's not just me, she's cuter'n anything, no?

Anonymous said...

Oh my! These are just outstanding pictures; way to go, Bp, especially for us SOOOooo far away! You and Tait are champions in the onesie dept - I never did like those. Rather the break-away snap kind instead.

Fussy goes with the territory - you've been baptised into the Whole Picture...we are Not rational beings, after all, so reasons turn out to be conjectures much of the time. ENjoy ENjoy--Rest Rest - love va momma and John (who puts up a new picture as screen saver for me to see each morning!!

Stephanie Mooers said...

Wow, she is really changing! So so SO cute!

My only suggestion to offer for the fussiness is ... gas. Alot of babies (including my own) had gas issues and good old Mylecon worked wonders. There might be a more natural version out there, but I'm sure your plethera of helpful mama's can help with that. And if not, I have a tilt/pat/twist method for you!


Bpaul said...

I'll be wanting to see that method at some point. She definitely gets fussy with gas, but after watching the cycle yesterday I think she was over stimulated as well, and over tired.

But that's conjecture LOL.

Catherine Just said...

Yes - so so dang CUTE.
Love the baby hiccups.
And yes - I too like the kimono type of onsie that you don't have to pull over the head. max hates that too.
Fussy? Max is usually fussy when he is over tired and over stimulated and needs me to put him in a sling. he passes out after a few more minutes of fussy.
We got a DVD that explains what each cry sound means. It actually works! Now I can tell what the tired sound is, the burp me sound, and the hungry sound. AMAZING. if you want more info let me know.
Enjoy the newborn bubble.
Love keeping track with the photos
KT looks great by the way - and I love your hat

Bpaul said...

I very much want info on that Rosetta Stone for bebehies

Catherine Just said...

I'll mail you the DVD as soon as we are done with them over the weekend.

Girl in Red Shoes said...

Good to see my blanket is getting a good workout!

Bpaul said...

We love it.

Katye said...

That blanket is totally amazing! We love it dearly and thank you so much for making it. It's perfect! Good texture, great size and lovely color. Goes with everything!

Girl in Red Shoes said...

Thank you *smiles bashfully*