Friday, April 17, 2009

Pictures from today -- April 17th: Shaolin papa, sleeping burrito, auntie

Kind of a bonus post today (tonight), or a very early post for Saturday, depending on how you see it.

I'll be gone this weekend, no computer for me -- so you and The Mama are on your own for posting. Of course, this will kinda post Saturday and I'll be home Sunday PM so we'll see if there's any interruption in The Bebeh Channel at all.

The wonderful Brianna is here this weekend to help out with the bebeh, hang out with KT (they are soul sisters), and relax a bit from her work-life and family. So no fretting about me leaving Kt all alone before she's all healed up now.

I'll get right to the pictures:

As any of you who know me already know -- fashion is a priority of mine. Ever more so now that we're in The Baby Bubble (tm). Katye dubbed this my Shaolin-papa look. I expect it will be all the rage with the kids soon.

Here's a picture of the bebeh, who is apparently concerned about something. She never did explain what.

Auntie Kathy from the coast. Auntie Kathy is the proprietor of La Luna Loca, a great shop in Cannon Beach, Oregon and online if you click here. (Why yes, that was a soft plug -- and also a troll for some google space, every little hit helps) With worldly and together aunties like this, how can Viv go wrong.

And finally, a little sleeping peanut burrito.

All together now... "Ahhhhhhhhhh"




Catherine Just said...

we might have to print out hat portrait of BP and frame it. Also loving the knife selection over your shoulder...

Kathy said...

Thanks for the plug Brandon! Just don't tell anyone about the tiny sewing machine I am working on for Vivian! just joking none of the things in my store are produced by tiny child hands. Love you guys it was wonderful to meet miss Vivian, and spend some time with the Mama too!