Saturday, April 11, 2009

Photo dump for April 11 -- parade of the guests

Wow, you people are insistent. Sorry I haven't posted yet today, it's been busy. In penance for such a late post, I'll blast you with pictures, hows that.

So, we had invited Criddle and Hunter over today (it's "Crystal" but how not fun is that) and figured we'd have a quiet weekend day before Easter with the kiddo and a few friends. Then one neighbor came over, and then two more, and then two more, and then one more, and then two more, and then two more friends -- in the end we had 13 people over today. We didn't get pictures of them all holding the baby but darnit we tried.

In Bebeh news, the milk has arrived! This changes everything -- the kiddo eats for longer then sleeps for longer. The little furrows between her eyebrows have gone away, we assume because she's no longer constantly hungry. She's fussing way less, and has a much more blissed-out demeanor.

Also, she's opening her eyes and looking around. A lot. It's the best.

On the parent front, Katye is healing almost miraculously fast (thank you parental genetic donors, you did well). Although feeding is a bit less painful as the equipment is getting used to the whole idea, now the milk is creating swelling and soreness that requires some icing between feedings to alleviate. But we are both greatly relieved that the milk arrived, just one more worry off the list.

As for me, I've been tracking my reaction to all the hormones and pheromones barraging my system during this event. Right at the birth and for the first day or so, I had this crystaline, Zen-like awareness that was totally unexpected. I was definitely overjoyed that everyone came out healthy and happy from the arduous labor, and I was absolutely in love with my amazing wife and the beautiful little peanut; but my main thing was -- awareness, I guess. I was ready for anything, and very slow to fatigue.

As of last night, and especially with the little peanut opening her eyes and calming down from the milk enough to look around, I'm going into more of what I expected before we had the kiddo. I'm just in the gushing, overwhelmingly in-love, my-kid-is-the-most-beautiful-being-on-the-planet, I can't get enough of her phase.

I have no objectivity, and I feign none. She's the best, and that's that.

Ok here are the pictures. I could comment but I've talked enough.

Tons of details left out, but I'm needing some sleep.

Thank you for your support,



Girl in Red Shoes said...

I wanna come see the baby! Mother dear......(hint hint), you know how Katye just had her baby.....well, could you drive me?

Girl in Red Shoes said...

And also, awesome chair that Kayte's in. And the baby grows ever cuter.....

Anonymous said...

Just can't wait to see all of you guys and little Vivian is so happy with her new home, you can just tell! That's alot of company though - get some reset in between the euphoria. Your observations are keen and good to record, Bp...meanwhile, it's more than comforting to learn that Katye is feeling good. Here's to Milk! love you all, va momma & j
ps-I guess Katye isn't using her phone now?

Anonymous said...

great shot of Tait, too!!!!! va momma

Bpaul said...

She's really not into answering the phone right now. I'm fielding calls on my number, which I trust you have, if not email me.

It works, and she checks emails and texts on it occasionally.

I'm sure she'll be back in the loop soon.

Catherine Just said...

TATE! Just look at him with Baby Vivian. How adorable is that. He is a proud Uncle. that is obvious