Sunday, April 12, 2009

April 12, Sunday photos

First off, milk is amazing. The kiddo is sleeping like crazy, long hours, and eating like crazy, and content as ever. I just got up from a... 3 hour nap? That's like a vacation in the Bahamas at this point. Amazing, and she was sleeping right next to me, or on me, the whole time. So awesome.

All these face photos are trying to capture the "milk bliss" face that she's been showing lately. She is SO CONTENT with all this food coming in, it's hilarious. Katye laughs after every feeding because she lets off this huge smile -- every time.

The photo of us sleeping together can put to rest any assertions that she has more hair than I do. You people...

Enjoy your holidays,



Rachael said...

It's great to hear the little Miss is happy and to see all the photos of you guys in these first days! But it really is a shame your baby has no arms.

Girl in Red Shoes said...

Oh yes. The milk high. Rosy still gets it, sort of dizzy, blissed-out, and content looking.
The peanut keeps getting cuter!


Catherine Just said...

adorable! And so glad she is getting filled up with mamas milk! YAY!!!