Friday, April 3, 2009

Daily post stream #1 -- The Wait

After a number of slightly stressed calls from relatives and friends with the same theme ["Soooo, no posts on the blog, ya'll have the Bebeh yet? Why no posts? We want answers!?!"] -- I've decided to start posting daily.

Katye's still in bed, and sleeping soundly. I didn't hear about any false labor or other uncomfortableness-es during the night, so it is reasonable to assume that all is well and uneventful.

The picture is of Jane, or Mental Health Kitty, or Zonal Kitty (I'll have to explain those names at another time) sleeping ON the belly. This is a very common scene lately. Jane must be touching the belly when she sleeps, always.

If Katye rolls over, often the cat will be smooshed between the belly and various pillowy belly supports, with only legs and tail sticking out akimbo. But, she will keep right on sleeping. She'd rather be smooshed than left out of belly contact.

Either this animal is revving up to be a familiar to Incoming Child, or it's simply a matter of her appreciating the BOILING LAVA HOT temperature that the wife is putting off nowadays, especially at the belly.

No news is good news,



Rachael S. said...

Ah, but you are WRONG. No news is NOT good news. GOOD news is good news. And we are all patiently (har har) waiting for GOOD NEWS. I think of you everytime I'm up at night, stumbling my way to the bathroom.

Bpaul said...


lisa said...

Perhaps the tenant is sad that he/she missed April Fool's Day to be born, and so is waiting for April Fool's 2010.

Catherine Just said...

I'm stealing that kitty....

Katye said...

She's a good kitty. A bit neurotic, but a good kitty!