Saturday, April 4, 2009

Daily post stream #2 -- Seating Capacity

First off -- no Bebeh yet folks. A good nights' sleep, a sunny day to enjoy, some futzing around, but no eviction for The Tenant.

The calls for Bebeh arrival are now coming in on a daily basis. There is some serious pressure from The Palouse region of SW Washington for an arrival after midnight tonight and before midnight on Sunday night. Seems some local color near Walla Walla has a birthday tomorrow...

As for seating capacity. Our kind neighbors gave us a loveseat and chair, which makes 3 comfy chairs and a 2-seater couch for folks to sit on when they arrive to visit The Munchkin. In addition to the awesome rocking chair that Kt's office gifted us at the Baby shower.

This may not sound like news to most, but our staggering lack of seating capacity was noted when we had elders of both clans in the house over the last few years. We just sat on the ground and didn't think much of it until soon-to-be Grandparents stood around, looking for someplace comfortable to sit other than the carpet. Well, we got you covered now.

Ps: Rach -- that's the rocking chair. I don't know where it came from but I can post more pictures later.

Enjoy the wait,



Catherine Just said...

I've been wanting to call but figured you were probably tired of being the baby answering service!
Love that you are posting daily. We are all sitting on the edge of our seats waiting to hear the news as well.

Damn kids keep the hell off my lawn! said...

Ap-ril 5! Ap-ril 5!