Monday, April 13, 2009

April 13, the outside world looms large

I've made two trips into the outside world so far. It's strange out there. It's calm in here.

Here ya go, a whole bunch of photos.

The photo of me on the couch with the cool little blanket our neighbor Gerda made (the one holding the baby in this picture) is there because that sight made Katye laugh so hard she almost spit up her breakfast. What... I was cold, sheesh.

The photo of the toes is here twofold -- one because Catherine the Great loves feet and especially toes, the other to counter spurious rumors circulating on Facebook about how this child is being treated. Actually, there's another reason. Look at how she curls her little toe over -- it's perfectly fine, she just keeps it that way.

The yawn picture really is a yawn, and not a yell.

Enjoy keeping up with the grandmamas, not an easy task,



Rachael said...

Those are the cutest limbs I've seen in a long time. Thank goodness they have not been eaten (yet). I was just thinking that since Katye was restricting sugar for so long she might have just devoured the first sweet things she was presented with.

Catherine Just said...

These photos make me want to get up there with my little one so we can all hang out with our cute babies and make tea and eat that so wrong?