Wednesday, March 11, 2009

37 weeks: We're full term!

Welcome to 37 weeks, ya'll. Lungs on the Tenant are a go-go...that is good since the body is definately gearing up for a significant move-out in the next few weeks. We are well into the realm of lots of kick/punch through out the day and epic bouts of hiccups. Whew!

The overwhelming vote at the baby shower was the Tenant would be moving out early, but I'm not convinced.

Suffice it to say, we're feeling a bit like this:

...even though they assure me it's still weeks away. WHO KNOWS?!

Latest blood test results show a whopping 2 point gain in my hemoglobin levels (10.6 to 12.8). I feel like the DOW! (that is a joke, people) and negative on the Group B Strep. That is a relief since I don't have to have IV antibiotics while in labor now. Sheesh. I tell ya, folks have been having babies for a zillion years and the medical community is all freaky these days about the most RANDOM shit. It's like 1 in 500,000 babies that has a problem with Group B Strep after delivery BUT (!) a convienent test ($) to have to take at 36 weeks just to be sure. Man, freak me out more about this process AMA. Bah! that I have stopped ranting said my piece, I still have to say I am feeling pretty good. BP got the dishwasher installed and it's like Nirvana and Eden got all mixed together and spread all over my kitchen. WHAT a luxury! And it's sexy too!

Next on the list is moving the guest room downstairs this weekend and settling things there so I can spend a few days on the first floor post baby (sans stairs, I am assured I will want that).

Thanks to all who attended (or even didn't) attend the are forthcomming! I promise! I swear!

Monday the 16th is the next BBdr visit (with the lovely and talented Sara Ohgushi) and I'm sure she'll have something cool to tell me since she's taking a baby crano-sacral class all this week.

Until then, loves...

KT and Tenant


Catherine Just said...

ok you are one of the funniest people I have ever met. Seriously. I love how you write and express yourself.
Have fun with these last weeks!

Rachael S. said...

Congrats on hitting the big full-term mark! I am already scheduling myself halfway to nutsville after 37 weeks so that I will either a) be so busy I forget that I am a lumbering hippo or b) be so happy about having a baby in my arms that I won't mind giving up a massage/pedicure/car detail/etc. We'll see how it works out. Regardless, I'm pretty sure this week (34 weeks here) is the longest week ever in the history of humankind. And, of course, I'm still staring down the barrel of 3-8 more weeks here. gawd.

Do let me know how the cranio-sacral bidness goes, as I am having highly unpleasant hip/leg/sacrum issues these days and CAN'T WAIT to get a fourth trimester adjustment and shove everything back togethah. Jebus, this baby better just fall out on the floah for all my joints falling apart. You got this?

Katye said...

Aww shucks...

*kicks dirt*

Thanks missy! You and your lovely husband have become quite my new personal heros in the parenting department. Great post the other day on meeting folks with special needs babies...or just BABIES, as it were.

Keep on!

(syncronistic that my due date is Downs day? thinks not, Watson!)

Katye said...


I'm picking up what you are putting down sister! I just got a Chiro adjustment last night for the 2 ribs I was SURE were sticking out of my back, causing me to look like Igor.

Wk 34 was really long, as I recollect. I'm impressed you are doing it for the second time! Glutton!

I'll get back to you on the BBdr's new technique. Dr. Khasla is going to get a bunch of Chiro work from me soon!

This weight in motion all hanging out in FRONT is for the birds!

Rachael S. said...

Dr. Khalsa is my main man, too! But mostly I've just been going to see Meherbani (sp?) for massages because it seems like a lot more fun, and just as effective (as in, is there ANYTHING that really helps this condition except time? No? Ok, sign me up for the massage then.) I also just found out that one of the moms at Finn's preschool, who was due yesterday, shares the same midwives as me. Small town, eh?

And, speaking of Igor, I had a lovely little motor nerve impairment yesterday in one of my legs that made me have bit of a leg-draggy limp. That + waddle = sexy hott. I didn't have all these fabulous things happening last time around. Things never went back together right after Finn, and now I'm seeing why that's a problem.

I think I might add some of your random word verification words to our list of baby names. Today's pick: Schoundo.

Katye said...

HAAHAHAHAH! I *love* the random word generator! Constant amusement. And an innovative use, I must say.

My back just went back out so I'm back to Igor status. Just iced it for a while, we'll see if that helps. I just sit too much at's a way of life. I TRY and get up as often as possible but at a certain point you have to sit down and just DO taxes. Sheesh!

I haven't gotten any massages, but might in the near future...a bit of relief from any back achy is good!

Get yer waddle on there girl! Gimpy waddle for the win!

Rachael S. said...

I just got this contact info from the midwives. I will probably give him/them a call next time I do something stupid (like sit. or walk.) and mess up my back. Let me know if you give them a try.

Bell Family Chiropractic, PC
Dr. Randy Bell
The Professional Building, 1033 SW Yamhill, Suite 203, Portland, OR 97205
Phone: 503-408-1900

Baby name generator: Harkers

Katye said...


oooh...that is a good one. Harker at least...