Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cupcake Madness

And here you thought I was kidding...

[as per usual, clickable if you need garish amounts of detail]

There is no kidding when it comes to cupcakes, my friends. Redwind is testiment to THAT!

Kt and Tenant

[props to Mr. Turtlevoice for the rocking photo]


Catherine Just said...

I'm having a sugar rush just looking at that!

Girl in Red Shoes said...

Me too. And I off wheat and sugar so that makes it even worse!

Catherine Just said...

I am off wheat and sugar too as of this week! I'm dying for a cupcake!

I want a cupcake I want a cupcake I want a cupcake.

reminds me of the fast we use to do with Miguel!

Iciyapi Tate said...

ok i know you knew this but i did not make my cupcakes.... since they were perfect little saint cupcakes and i have no freaking clue how to make them anyway.
wish i could have come along with my cupcakes.
lot o love for you my sis

Katye said...

All things are equal in the world of Cupcakes my friend. It's the LOVE the cupcakes were purchased in that makes them special to me.

Thank you!

(for Rach name suggestion from the randon word generator: Nutangra

Iciyapi Tate said...

i have a lot of love for you lady, you are my sister and i cant wait to spoil that child, teach him all the little irritating things to do to your parents, how to make specific noises , buy her a drum set, show it exactly how to fight with a stick....... ahhhh the joys of an uncle