Tuesday, March 17, 2009

BBdr visit- the Smackdown!

Well, true believers, we all knew it was coming. Even I did. The BBdr (the lovely and talented Dr. Sara Ohgushi...enter web hit increase here) has, in her gentle and persuasive way, terrorized me into working less. HOW is this woman so effective...inquiring minds must know?!

Week 38. Yep, I could be having this baby any MINUTE now, I am reminded. Oh yeah...it's the cream filling at the end of the tunnel. It's the reason we're DOING this! Such a product based society we live in. You mean I get a treat at the end of this rainbow?!? SWEET! Then, she came in with the Karate chop death blow.

"So, you know you could go into labor ANY night from here on out right? So if you come home from work exhausted and expecting to sleep all night but go into labor instead, you'll be exhausted from the get go."

*insert sound of me screeching to an abrupt halt here*

OH YEAH! That thing I require, nay...CRAVE, oh 10 hours of sleep a day. Yeah...that thing I have been using (besides elk and 3000mg a day of B-12) to recover from working...possibly GONE! EGADS!

Ok...so we're more into the 6 hour a day realm not the 10 hour a day realm, including more naps, until the Tenant has officially arrived.

I'm telling you, this woman can leap any tall building that a client presents for her. I think we might pitch in a get her a cape.

Other than that, I am still moving right along. We're putting the final touches on the downstairs rooms in the next couple of days. The belly is getting oppressively big and cumbersome but the little dude/ette is still firmly ensconced. I think there might be a python wrestling contest happening every couple of hours and I'm not sure who's winning. We'll keep you posted if we get a giant python as the prize rather than a baby.

My loyal fan base (/wave loyal fan base) is keeping me honest by reminding me I promised to post an expose on my new snazzy rocking chair...so that may be on the list of things to do today when I leave work. Gah!

Work, btw, are being massive studs about the whole thing and I have to re-iterate how grateful I am to have such a rocking job. Woot!

So, back to the tax return I'm doing and I'll work to get some photo's posted when I get home. My computer died last week, so I'll have to navigate BP's. /shiver.


KT and Tenant


Kathy said...

go BbDR! I need one of those too....minus the baby part...just the making me work less effectively would be good with me.

Remember we are here to help if needed!

Bpaul said...

Thanks toots! I know there are things to move still and organize. Any help appreciated just don't cha be driving all the way from the coast to give it out!

We plan on being up at Redwind this weekend barring the unforseen. At least for Saturday!

Looking forward to seeing you then

(Kt using BP's computer!)

Kathy said...

barring the "unforeseen" we will be there...and possibly drop by the house before hand to deliver some stocks for the freezer...

Catherine Just said...

Man do I know this feeling well.....I wish you the best at just being in the moment and getting lots of naps, pampering, rest, and letting others do things for you so you can go back to your nap.
38 fricken weeks. Amazing. Congratulations Miss Kt.
I'm off for some zzzzzz's myself.
Believe you me - you need them AFTER baby is born too so an time a BBdr says go rest - it's a good thing.

Anonymous said...

It's a great woman who can get Katye's attention SO wholeheartedly! GO! And do rest and breathe deeply and lean in to All the love -- You are beautiful! yer momma and john

Iciyapi Tate said...

wooohooo it is time for pushing that thing out of you. and breathe ... hmmm you survived hanbleceya with no problems. this is easy