Monday, February 9, 2009

Ridiculously unfair

It's RIDICULOUSLY unfair that she brought out the toes so early. Just when you thought you weren't going to be KILLED BY THE CUTE of this come the toes.


Toes are my favorite part of babies...tho, once I have my own I suspect the whole thing might be my favorite part. But for now...



Curses woman!


Rachael S. said...

Yes, it is hard not to like the whole package once it presented with your very own, but the feet have charm with staying power. I remember being completely in love with Finn's mouth--this perfect little sweet-smelling THING that I somehow wanted to eat or live in. But now I'm over the mouth and still in love with his feet which are, y'know, like, stinky kid feet by now and not nearly as soft and gummi bear-like.

I think he's still not entirely convinced I won't ACTUALLY eat them someday.

Catherine Just said...

oh my god - I just saw this today! I love those toes too!
I want to eat them!
And yes - it's true all of him has become my favorite part.