Sunday, February 8, 2009

Baby Shower Purchase items (should you so choose)

For those of you waiting with baited breath for me to finally decide on cloth diaper covers for the diaper service (they clean the diapers / you provide the diaper covers) well the wait is over! WHEW! (who could possibly fit into this category? *I* barely cared)

So for prospective baby shower gifts, here is the run down of items. There is no registry at Green Mountain diapers so I make a linky list, so if you want to purchase stuff just go for it. Can't have too many diaper covers or accessories, REALLY! Email BP or I (or call) for our address if you want to just ship stuff.

Green Mountain Diapers:

Diaper Covers (You pick the colors, we're not micro-managing here!)

Bummis Super Brite:

(4) newborn
(4) small
(6) medium
(6) large


Super Whisper Wraps would be an equal substitute (they have different colors)


(3) Mommy's Touch Wet bags
(6) Mommy's Touch Changing Pads
(1) Snugglewool 27x36 (THESE LOOK AWESOME!!)
(4) Toddlebugz baby leg warmers
(4 pkg) Premium wipes
(2 pair) Woolbooties

Also, any wool clothing that might be on sale would be great but it's a little spendy. Wool is amazing stuff however!

Thanks for checking this out. Folks have been having a hard time with the registries in the side bar so here's a list of links to where we have registered and what we'd like. We're also open to almost anything! If you have questions or need our address to ship feel free to call either of us.

We are also registered at:

Babies R Us
: The full name is Katye Maxson-Landis to find the registry. Thanks to co-worker's for the suggestion to register here!

Target: all you have to do it put in Katye Landis and you'll get there.

Swaddling Clothes: It pops right up when you click the link.

Baby Hawk Carriers: Feel free to design your own if you want to get one of these...they are all totally cool! The registry code is BK408873EO for the bag I designed or you can put Katye Landis in there too.


Alternative Registry: Put in Landis and select baby shower and you'll get a list of the alternative cool things I just found zipping around on line. There is an actual registry lurking behind that link if you go there.

Finally: The Diaper Service! This handy gift registry link allows you to log on and just purchase a week or 2 (or 15) easily. We'll also have a donation jar at the Shower for cash donations to the diaper service. It's approximately $18 a week!

Thank you ALL in advance for your presence in the baby's life. THAT'S the really important thing to both BP and I.

Feel free to just show up at the Shower (with 10 bucks to feed yourself all you can eat pizza!) and just hang with us. We'd love to see you all there!

KT and Tenant

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Rachael said...

If you are interested, there's a show on Discovery called Dirty Jobs (Finn loves it) that went behind the scenes at Tidee Didee. I don't think it was the TD here in Portland--I think there's another in California or someplace. But it was sort of interesting to see how all the diapers are processed. They replay episodes all. the. time. but I'm not sure when this one will be on again. You can also buy episodes on iTunes, but I'm not sure how quickly they go up for sale. I think this one is called "Diaper Cleaner."