Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Week 34!! And the Sugar Terrorists

It's been a busy week in the Maxson-Landis household. This last week marked the beginning of overtime at work so tax season has officially bitten. We also went to the first "what to expect at a home birth" class, given by the rock star BBdr, Dr. Sara. Then yesterday was a BBdr visit.


I fully attribute my spunkiness and alertness to the addition iron supplement that I am rubbing on my feet (in paste form-gooey!). So overtime hasn't been that terrible, yet. I am still recovering when I sleep (since I'm sleeping pretty well) but I am going to bed at about 8pm. E-A-R-L-Y!

In other news, the home birth class was a real hoot. We were there with 7 other couples (one we even knew from other circles but didn't know they were coming!). We had an informal chat about what labor looks like (or doesn't as the case maybe), the progression of labor through the stages (the biggest being dilating from 1-10ish centimeters, which is a really BIG hole to think about making) and the final "ok PUSH!" phase (the shortest).

Very enlightening and not too terrifying. Both BP and I feel like all life events leading up to the big day have really been a good precursor for this kind of trial/experience/marathon.

We then watched a video (with terrible new-age music! /shiver) of 7 home births. It's pretty amazing to watch a little dude come out of someone. What's *really* amazing is that the little dude's head looks HUGE while coming out but mere seconds after the total package is popped out the whole thing looks incredibly tiny. Baby's as superhero's with morphing powers straight out of the birth canal, dang!

The BBdr visit was easy-peasy. With the exception of my glucose being a *wee* bit high due to consumption of 5 (a MERE 5!) red vines at work (it's not my fault!), the Sugar Terrorists (ST, tm) came out in full force! Sweet (no pun intended), innocent processed sugar was torn away from me and is currently being held captive by the Sugar Terrorist's (the BBdr and BP) who refuse to allow its free consumption to roam about unmitigated.


So, Ixnay on the Ugarshay. The gauntlet has been thrown. Sheesh! All hell breaks loose over 5 red vines. Did you know those things are like 3 tablespoons of white sugar each? Here I thought they were just cherry flavored wax! Humbug.

All things considered, a pretty full week.

In other news, I'm taking suggestions for the perfect rocking chair. I don't think it's legal to HAVE a child without a rocking chair, but I'm a little late in the game picking one up or asking for one at the baby shower (2 weeks! Feb 28, come come!) I'm wondering what folks like (wooden, Amish, glider, etc) and where you might find such a gem?

Bring on the rocking chair stories! And the suggestions! Thanks!


KT & Tenant


Rachael S. said...

We never got a rocking chair with Finn because our other house was so small. But I think the chair in that last photo looks pretty rad--where did you find it? The big questions on my mind are: how important are padded arms? And can you sleep in it? Is there a matching footstool?

Katye said...

Hmm...padded arms are an interested thought. I don't think it has a footstool but I didn't look.

I think that last one came from the Joinery. You might look there. Their stuff is HELLA expensive but it's all hand made, so it's worth it.

We can sit on the porch with our rockers and be old biddies together! HAAHHA

Catherine Just said...

we got a glider and matching foot stool from target. It does have the padded arms. It's pretty comfy. and I do use it daily to feed him or to pump or just to rock myself in! Pretty girl thinks its her chair so of course it's covered in cat hair already - but I'm glad we got it. It's the one thing I feel really soothes me or the baby or both at times when I am not feeling like walking around the house with him.

Suzanne said...

Personally, I would recommend a glider. Craigslist is a great place to find one. With Lucas I had a pricey rocker that did not do the trick - nice piece of furniture though (currently a good reading chair in Tillie's room). Then I got a cheapy glider that worked. With Tillie, I treated myself to a really nice used one. I got the ottoman to go with, but found that I didn't use it all that much. It reclined and had padded arms too - that's nice for when the babe is nursing and you're snoozin'. Sweet. Now that, did the trick for us. The great news is that the good ones are indestructable and hold their value, so you can pretty much sell it for what you paid for it when you're done.

Catherine Just said...

oh how I wish I had asked for the one that reclined!