Saturday, January 3, 2009


After the joy that was the glucose test on NYE, we came to find out that I am actually pretty darned anemic (but do NOT have gestational Diabetes...woot!). Apparently all the B-12 I've been ingesting (along with lemon bars) must have been propping me up. A couple of days without sugar and suddenly I'm T.I.R.E.D all the time. Hmmm....crack? I think yes.

So, we get a new iron supplement in addition to the prenatal and BP has begun the "stuff elk into the wife for every meal" campaign. I think we'll be fine. Less in the sugar realm and more in the iron realm and the upstairs apartment should be back to it's rocking self.

Meanwhile, I wonder what steel beamed infrastructure the Tenant is installing down there? Perhaps we'll have a child whose only weakness is Kryptonite? And perhaps Lemon bars.

Let's hope there isn't an Archvillan that is sporting a holster full of freshly powdered sugared lemon bars!

In other news, the boys and I just got back from ROCKING Indian food (Nameste buffet in the 'Couv is the IT place...check it out if you want the best Indian in a 2 state area).

We also went to Miller paint and decided on new paint colors for the Front room, Middle room and Office. It's been 10 years since painting (dang!) and it's time. We all felt that a change in tone and colors that work TOGETHER might be in order. Lordy, we might be getting old.

I'll get some photos of the new colors as they progress. We're nesting but slowly...these things take time. I suspect that moving furniture around to change the layout of the house will be next, but painting will happen in there for sure. Since they are just big square rooms I think they will be VERY satisfying to paint. Makes the joint look classy and clean! YA!

Enjoy your Saturday! Keep those photo's coming Mom. I love the scanned old photos from childhood!

KT and Tenant


Anonymous said...

Wow, anemic! Always a surprise, I guess- though probably most women are anemic most of the time no matter what they eat. Sooo--instead of lemon bars, do I see apricots & raisins in your dessert future? and of course, spinach. (!)
And ohhh, paint colors, what fun! -- smooch, mom

Catherine Just said...

I'll be eating much more cow these days and iron supplements myself! I'm just slightly anemic but I get dizzy because of it. Not fun. Don't feel I can really go on a walk because of the dizzy's.
Have fun with the paint! I didn't find any
paint colors that were the kind with less toxic content that they suggest for pregnant gals that I was in love with - maybe there are more options up in your area! We decided not to paint, but it may be in our future if I get all crazy nesty in the next few weeks.

Kathy said...

oooh oooh painting the kitties will love that! Lots of activity new hiding places tarps to crawl under! walls to brush up against! they are going to have SOOOO much fun Helping! Very exciting stuff all while munching on elk snacks! sounds like a party!

Katye said...

Mom, I do think that anemia runs in the family. Apparently it's pretty hard to keep up with the iron needs of women, esp. pregnant ones. I am confident we'll prevail with the prenatal/iron supplement/elk regime.

Cathrine, check out Devine paints made by Miller. They have low EOC (or whatever that stuff is called that makes paints stink) and the colors are...well..DIVINE!

Kath, looking forward to seeing you Family weekend. Hope Keyaho is feeling better. We were thinking of you yesterday. And yes...the kitties will be anxious to help, unfortunatly. Perhaps we'll have new, multicolored cats!