Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It begins...the 3rd Trimester

I realized the other day( in true accountant form) that I have been counting the newsletters from the BEGINNING of the month rather than that end of the month (i.e. we just started the 7th month...month 7 newsletter should be after the month is over...this isn't a mortgage payment here people). HA! Silly yesterday week 28 we are crusing into the 3rd trimester. Holy Crap!

Despite being a bit tired, I am feeling just dandy. Junior (as BP has taken to calling the Tenant) has been pretty busy in the early mornings and later at night. Hopefully this schedule will mellow out to being more "awake in the day and asleep at night" as soon as possible. If he/she takes after their mama at all, they will be champion sleepers...if not, they are doomed to BP's nocturnal skulkings. In fact, Papa spent an entire evening last night brusing his thumbs playing Xbox video games with Dr. Octagon, his old Chemistry study partner. I am sure it was a sight to behold.

I actually got an elusive belly shot last night and will have to get BP to upload it for me. He has the cable attached to his computer. The Belly's protruding, that's for sure.

My new years resolution this year was to take mass transit to work more often, so getting up a bit earlier has been the order of operations. I am more clear headed and energetic in the mornings so I am going to try to be getting to work earlier and put in the overtime then. I decided that unless it becomes too depleting to be working a normal tax season, I'll just brave up and do what needs to be done. It will make me feel less like a slacker and better about possibly leaving the last 2 weeks of tax season work to everyone else.

I have planned to stay home until August and then come back part time. They will only guarentee me 2.5 days when I return until next tax season, so some supplemental, work from home bookkeeping may be in the works. I have a feeling that 2009 is the year of TOTAL radical life / work change for me. I am kinda looking forward to it.

It's also the year I am getting these effin CPA exams out of the way. I am not sure when I'll start studying, but at some point we'll have to figure out purchacing the $2500 software program I used to pass 2 of them before. I feel differently about getting them passed than before (hmm...perhaps less burnout or impending child and the possible glass ceiling that comes with no CPA? Anyone?)

In short, big year.

We're going to get some nesting out of the way with painting of the downstairs rooms and moving around of some furniture too. I think it will make the house more cosy and visitor friendly. I think we MAY have a visitor or 2 this year.

I leave you with this....THE LITTLE KITTIES FIGURED OUT THE CAT DOOR! A-friggin-men! Commence with pooping outdoors in

Enjoy your wintery Wednesday!

KT and Tenant


Catherine Just said...

I love reading your blog! I just want to squeeze you - you are so smart and funny!
welcome to the third trimester and the 7th month. I'm looking forward to seeing the belly shot!

happy Painting and Congrats on the Kitties figuring out the darned cat door! We would LOVE to put one in here! SAY NO TO CLEANING A CAT BOX. Man do I hate it. Luckily Jerry is on cat duty while I am pregnant....

Glad you are going to take time off when baby comes.
Hope to be one of the people visiting you but since I will be a bit. um. busy changing diapers here I am not sure when! Maybe we do need to set a date to meet in hawaii with our babies!

Danielle said...


I finally had a chance to catch up on the blog. Glad to see you are still planning on knocking out the exams. I laughed really hard about the lemon bars, and the So. Cal snow-whiner comment. I will admit to have been in So. Cal for the holidays and having run from the snow. I will also admit to having a grocery bag full of tree-ripe lemons pilfered from Mom's tree in the backyard. Too bad you're on a lemon bar ban.....

Katye said...

Man! And the crack lemons too, you pusher!