Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Daily post stream #5 -- still no budging

I think the kiddo is very comfortable on the inside of things. I mean, who wouldn't be, right? Katye is taking very good care of them both, there's a great temperature, no need for all that exhaustive BREATHING, and CHEWING -- great stuff.

But you know, we'd sure like to meet this person.

We've been in contact with the BBDR (the lovely and talented Dr. Sara Oghushi), and signs are all good for the little one's arrival. Just need the arrival part. She did suggest that in a couple days if we still have no action, to get an ultrasound just to make sure there is good space, and the placement and size of the baby is going well. It is going well, by the way -- Katye can tell -- but why not be sure.

And there we are. Soon, another walk, and ... chores to keep my mind off things.

Whew, this waiting thing is exhausting, I must say.


[picture of the lovely Cuzco being stubborn via the Cuzco for King website]


Rachael S. said...

We were out at the park and missed your phone call. But I have nothing significant planned for the remainder of the week, so try again. I am not going to call you for fear of interrupting nap or, y'know, LABOR.

Rachael S. said...

Oh, and regarding your photo: you are having an Aries, right? I mean, I know nothing about astrology but it is a goat/ram after all, yes? I am still wondering about the confluence of events that led to our kid being a Pisces born in the water, named Finn, and taking swimming lessons since he was five months old (and digging it). And why he popped a hole in his water bag and then refused to come out will remain a mystery.

So don't go naming your kid Ramathorn or something, you may get more goatiness than you bargained for.

Bpaul said...

LOL! I see your point.

ps: Call us hun, if we can't answer we won't. If we're napping, the phone will be away from us. NP at all.