Monday, April 6, 2009

Daily post stream #4 -- massage and a walk

Yesterday, The Wife got a great bodyworking session with Tito -- redeeming a thoughtful baby shower gift certificate. As per usual with her and Tito she grumped and harumphed as he worked, then felt fabulous afterwards. He worked a few known induction areas, just in case it would help get this show on the road.

Oh, the show's not on the road by the way. I would have said that first if it were. You probably figured that, though.

Today, it's bright and sunny and springy outside and we're going to go for a nice walk. We're headed to Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden to bird and flower watch. Why just walk around the neighborhood again when you can go see blooms!

We may bump this walking thing up to a couple times a day, in fact. It seems to be the overwhelming advice from all of our Mentor Mamas.

Enjoy the wait,


[photo credit via Parks & Rec. site]


Rachael S. said...

Call me for walks! I don't think it matters WHAT you do at this point, as it will happen soon no matter what. And then you might forever after credit the last thing you did with being the miracle inducer. So only do the things you would like to do normally! Spicy food! Massage! Walks! Castor oil sucks!! Hang in there, troopers.

Bpaul said...

Ironically, as we just walked into the house from said walk -- The Wife said "damn, we should have called Rachel to go with us." And here you are...

We will be contacting you for walk in the future dear.

Anonymous said...

Easy does it on the foods, I'd say...little bites often rather than the feast meals...don't want too much in there at a time as I recall... Here's to the kairos moment (look it up) -- smooch, va momma