Thursday, January 29, 2009

Quickie update


Sorry to all of you who have been trying to get ahold of me. It's been crazy the last 2 weeks. We've been auditing out of the office (i.e. long days) most of the last 2 weeks. That included a 3 day jaunt to Bend to get an audit done.

It was FRIGGIN 17 degrees there as the HIGH for the 2 days we were there. Brrrrrr!!!

Saturday is a day long meeting in Seattle and next week is a Tues-Friday trip to Medford to get 3 more audits done. Tis the friggin season!

So, I haven't been calling folks, checking in, posting on my blog. I assure you no news is good news. I've been holding up fine and the CAMPAIGN TO EAT A WHOLE ELK IN 5 MONTHS is still going on schedule.

The anemia seems to be taking it in the shorts and I am feeling pretty perky. Monday, Feb 2. is the next BBdr visit and I'll see if I'm going to add another iron supplement then.

There's LOTS of wiggling going on most all times of the day and night now. And apparently I'm carrying "high". For all of you supersticious folks, that apparently means we're having a boy...or something that can cling high up on walls perhaps? Hmmm.....

Anyhoo...we're all good. And the 2nd coat of Cypress green on the center room of the house (aka "the red room") will be completed tonight. It's looking pretty good and the kittens have really enjoyed the jungle gym / tarp maze I created in there too.

So, tax season is on! I'll try to keep in better touch!


KT and Tenant


Catherine Just said...

hmm I thought carrying "high" meant it's a girl??
But I have no idea. I'm carrying OUT. That's all I know. So everyone who sees me already knows it's a boy because I'm not getting huge in the rear or thighs.

Keep that parka on. I can't deal with even HEARing it's that cold. Makes my blood shiver.


Rachael S. said...

I was told the carrying low thing meant boy. I "carried low" with Finn, and am carrying low again but, erm, I DO have ribs and lungs and things that demand to stay IN MY ABDOMEN and not MY NECK, so I don't really know how I could carry higher and still have vitals.

So maybe y'all tall folks get to talk about carrying "high" or "low" and us short ones will just keep gasping and keep our thoughts about how we are carrying every damned place we can--high, low, in, out, wide, diagonal, and with a little extra placenta tucked away in our armpits thankyouverymuch--to ourselves, hm?

P.S. Dear God, not bitter about the short thing. No, not much.

Katye said...

ROFLMAO, Rach you are killing me!

You and Cathrine are approximately the same height so perhaps you are on to something. I will say I feel quite lucky to be as long torso'd as I am, because I am just beginning to get that "totally packed" feeling and I START month 8 next Tuesday.

When is your due date anyway? Are we soonish together?

Katye said...
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Rachael S. said...

I'm due April 20, so we're close, but you have to go first.

Katye said...

Dude! What if the pool is cold? Going first is scary!

I guess by default you are going second since you already have Finn under your belt. You go girl!

Rachael S. said...

Yeah--so technically I've done ths before but really that doesn't seem to be an asset, as now I know what I'm in for. And, just for the record, everything went famously with Finn (well, except for one weird non-painful aspect, but it's highly unlikely THAT will happen again). There's just no getting around the fact that it is not the most comfortable experience. I am totally not down with those crazy labor-as-oragasm types. I mean, good for them and all,

Katye said...

I have to say I won't kick an orgasm out of bed, but I'm not exactly holding my breath for one, if you know what I mean.

They're great and all, but I can't really reconcile the birthing experience with situations where I have had orgasms...seems a bit, er, FAR apart. But hey, if you had one to start the process, it sure seems like you should be entitled to a few while you end the process.

But when did fairness factor into this?

BTW, it think it's AWESOME that you had some sort of incident during your first birth and DIDN'T FEEL THE NEED TO GO INTO GRAPHIC DETAIL HERE. You are a kind woman. We should get together for tea. Since we're both two big ole pregnant ladies, we pretty much could rule any establishment we decided to descend on. That might be fun too.

Rachael S. said...

My schedule is so friggin' wide open and yours sounds packed, so anytime you want to get together, just give me a jingle or drop me an email Depending on the day, I may have to bring the big kid along, but there are coffee shops that accommodate him/you can come over to my place/he won't tear up your digs.

Catherine Just said...

oh you two are cracking me up! I wish I could join you all for tea. Three pregnant gals taking over the place. Hilarious.
P.s. I think I have to go first as far as births go?
I have 4 weeks left. ACKKK. Getting more and more people wanting to let me know that medication is good. Did I ask? Um, no! people are so funny!!!!

anyhow - this short pregnant gal loves reading this blog.

Bpaul said...

For the record, all 3 of you are cracking me up.

We may have to set some intention for a way to get ya'll to have tea together in the future, it would be a hoot. I may have to bring a video camera LOL.

Ooh, that reminds me, I better ask for a video camera for a baby gift, we don't own one. That's illegal isn't it?