Saturday, January 31, 2009

Gift emergency! Video camera

I just realized, with a start, that we don't own a video recording device of any kind.

I'm pretty sure there is a gulag someplace full of Dad's that failed to record moving pictures of their first born.

If anyone is stuck on the gift thing, a video camera (Flash type
or otherwise) would be a real, real good idea.

Thanks a ton,

The Incipient Father


Catherine Just said...

we've been thinking of getting this one

Bpaul said...

I think that's the same as I put in the link. I saw it in use at our last Playwrite performance, and it looked simple, small and (hopefully) inexpensive :-)

Katye said...

How cute!

Rachael S. said...

Oh yes. A video camera. Because you will need to capture moments like this (several years down the line, but still):