Friday, July 17, 2009

2 week catchup

To quote my mother "TIME FLIES HERE!!". Indeed! It's been a whirlwind couple of weeks. We just got back Monday from the trip to Sacramento (tm) with huge Landi in attendance. It was super fun and babycakes did exceptionally well with the airplane ride and general mayhem that the Landis clan can bring.

My mom, Nana Povi, got to cross pollinate with the huge Landis family for a couple of days and it was sweet to finally get both her and my brother to see this sweet group of folks.

Fun was had all around. Mom needs to upload her last few days of photo's to Flickr (HINT HINT) so that I can post photos that she took. I admit to slacking off on the photo taking since mom arrived (and left /weep) because she took approximatly 300 photos of her while visiting. I will compile a bunch from the Z's that took photos, lovely auntie Tammy and mom to get you all caught up on what she did over the weekend!

First we had the getting together part of the weekend. Here is BP, Grandpa Tim and Aunt Tammy.

Then straight on to baby holding for the family! Auntie Tammy is always a big hit with the BB.

Uncle Tom did pretty well too!

Then we were off to visit GREAT-Grandma...the real reason for hauling the kiddo down to Sac at such a young age. She's 86 and recovering from some leg issues but chipper as the day is long. A lovely lady!

And here is the 4 generation photo as promised!

For all the Landis's here's the obligatory "taking a picture of someone else taking a picture of you" photo we got out of the way early in the weekend. Thank you Grandpa Tim.

Then on to the Partying!!! Terry is always good for some weenies and a beer. He and Kris hosted a couple of days of backyard living and it was good I tell ya. Tony and Ruth's pad was given a rest after the first night.

Babycakes did a fair amount of sleeping in order to integrate the newness of the situation. She was a trooper tho!

She even got acquainted with the pool! Tammy is fearless with introducing Viv to new environments.

And Mom did a fair amount of baby holding and general enjoying of herself. Even Alice the dog got into the introductions!

And Uncle Andrew and Uncle Damien dropped by from SF to check out the baby and introduce her to their little dog too!

All in all an excellent visit.

I'll post more photos soon! Have a lovely Friday!



Catherine Just said...


looks like a lotta fun!

Anonymous said...

what a great time! Even Vivi must have been dizzy! povi