Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Update on the baby-having -- 1:00 pm

So Katye has been working real hard. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.

Due to [insert lots of gory details here], we are past a second water breaking, Katye is dilated to 9 cm (10 being fully dilated), and the baby has hair -- as reported by the midwife during her work.

There have been some surprisingly challenging spots, but things are progressing well now. (saying "surprisingly challenging" here may be the most intensely understated thing I've ever said)

The second BBDR isn't here yet, so we're at least an hour out. I definitely know I'm no good at anticipating anything in this process, so I'll report back in when I can.

So much for "see you on the other side."




Kate said...

thinking of you guys.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there guys!!! We are thinking the best thoughts possible from this end of things!!


DFD Crew

Trantor said...

/hugs all around

it'll be all joy soon :)

Iciyapi Tate said...

oh my gawd, i am so glad i am unable to have a baby, I have never doubted that women are stronger than men and this proves it sheesh.. big hugs and big loves to you both

Girl in Red Shoes said...

go Katye!

Catherine Just said...

you guys are doing great.
Katye is a rock star and I have total faith that all is going to be fabulous!
We are thinking of you all day!
I can hardly breathe I'm so excited for you

Anonymous said...

love to you all...can't wait.

mr. pitts

MARIEL said...

I can't wait to hear all the gory details...two water breaks eh? leave it to a piscean mama to have that happen :) good luck and spirit willing the new one will be out soooooon and kayte will be recovering.

love you much!!! mariel