Friday, January 23, 2009

BBdr visit...I've lost count


Sorry for the lack of updates recently, work has been ramping up and I've been more into sitting with my feet propped up than sitting at the computer after work. I am sure not much will change in the coming months. CRAPOLA...we're at 2ish months now.

This visit to the awesome crack team at the BBdr's office brought the revelation that BOTH of the midwives will be at the birth right before the baby actually vacates one abode and enters this crazy little thing called life. That was very reassuring to know, but the house somehow now feels like it may be filled with lots of people. The BBdr (Dr. Sara herself), her intern (whose name I cannot remember...I think it's Anna) AND her partner in crime Dr. Mary, (who I hear is equally stellar AND an accupuncturist, WOOT!) will all be there along with BP and a few sundry cats.

Oh, and your's truly.

Feels a bit full over here, but that has been the predominate feeling as of late. Just getting bigger. And I hear we're just getting bigger still. Sheesh!

All systems are a go this visit. I am still (apparently) extremely anemic. The 10.6 number on the test has whipped The Lovely Husband (tm) into a frenzy of elk preparation. So much so that I came home on Wednesday to find the largest meatloaf in the universe being cooked in my oven with obvious intention for my ingestion etched into its being. The shit eating grin on BP's face (coupled with a deep look of serious concern/skepticism) alerted my oh so delicate "something is up alarm" and I did a bit of research.

Me: So...what's IN the world's largest meatloaf, dear?

BP: It's an ITALIAN meatloaf receipe! It has bacon in it! And is stuffed with cheese! It looks fantastic! And I ground up a bunch of sweetmeats along with the other stuff and it should be FULL of iron. Stuffed full!

Me: The only word in that sentence that makes my spider sense tingle is "sweetmeats".

BP: OH that's nothing...just *mumble, mumble, mumble*...but it's FULL of iron. I assure you just stinking filled with it.

WELL, true believers, like many other things that are COMPLETELY MISNAMED in this world, Sweetmeats are not the best parts of the butt of the elk, OH NO! Sweetmeats, in this case, would refer to the heart and kidney's of said animal...ground finely and dumped into a humungous meatloaf.

Despite my instant HEEBEES, I pressed on (for the baby, you know) and found that it was some really friggin' good meatloaf, 6 pounds of which is individually frozen and vaccuum sealed in the freezer for me. What a guy. Sneaky turkey.


The heartrate has moved to a steady 128 and apparently after some uterus BBdr handling, I am having a "lovely sized baby". At this point at least.

So, well into week 30 we are still quite good. The swelling in the legs, feet and ankles refuses to abate but I am sleeping through the night and having no other terrible symptoms. BP informs me that he's sure the baby knows when we are both in bed because he's been getting kicked like crazy when he gets into bed. I figure it's good for the baby and him to be bonding, even if it IS through the wall of me.

A bit of exhaustion is kind of par for the course this time of year, baby or no. Work has been very accommodating and we'll see how accommodating the WORKLOAD is after my next 2 weeks of traveling. I think the elk will keep me powering through.

February 14 is the first homebirth baby meeting at the BBdr's house. Supposed to be instructional and a "what to expect" kind of event. We'll also meet 6 other couples that are having kids within a month or so of our due date. That should be great! I'll keep you posted. We plan on bringing some elk dish, we'll see how folks like it.

So, there's the current news. I am painting a room in the house and getting ready to rearrange so the whole place is more accommodating for us to live in (like the guest room on the ground floor near the bathroom...for the guests you know!). Feels like the countdown has begun. Once the babyshower hits I should be in full crazy mode.

I'll check in next week when I get back from Bend but before I head to Medford (watch out Tom and Marcy!).

Love to you all,

Kt and Tenant

PS: To ANONYMOUS, the visit to the BBdr was amazing with the pleasant suprise of your donation. We love you and you rock! And we hope you are reading the blog so you can except our deepest gratitude and thanks. You don't know how much it means to us. We're paid off! kisses!!

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